Note from Sam the owner at TPS: 

The Playroom Social is so much more than just a business to me. It has a greater purpose and mission. As a mama of a little boy with down syndrome, severe and profound hearing loss, and a heart condition I understand the need in our community for an inclusive place for children and adults to be a part of. My son Leo has taught me so much and he makes everyone that meets him a better person. Because of Leo, we aim to turn The Playroom Social into an inclusive indoor play space and a source of support and love for all individuals. 

We plan to host support groups for parents of children with disabilities, have exclusive time for our neurodivergent friends to be themselves free of judgment, provide classes for parents given by trained professionals, run workshops for your littles, and so much more. My education, training, and professional career is in special education and supporting children with disabilities. I firmly believe that everything is supposed to happen the way it does and it certainly feels that way more and more lately. I know that my education and career choices were put in front of me to prepare me to advocate and fight for my son Leo and now I believe I was meant to find The Playroom Social and purchase the business because it will not only fill the hole in our community for an indoor play space but also fill the hole in our community for a safe place for children and families to turn too when they need support. 

If you have any ideas for ways we can improve The Playroom Social please don't hesitate to reach out. This space is for you and your little ones. 

If you have an idea for a class you would like for us to host (for example- the difference between an IEP and 504), a support group you would like us to start running, or a workshop for your littles that you would like us to have, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Leo and I are so glad you are here and we can't wait to meet you and welcome you to this place of love! 

Forever grateful,